Payment Processing

     All payments are processed via the secure and trusted PayPal system. PayPal allows us to ensure that your order information is accurate and that      orders are processed promptly. To learn more about PayPal's secure payment options, click here.

     PayPal currently accepts the following brands and processing agents:
     If you see any of these logos on your credit, debit or bank card, it will work fine with PayPal, with no additional fees or charges.

     Payment by Check

     Though the PayPal system ensures prompt order processing and delivery, we will accept personal check payments. Please send an email to with the subject, "ORDER BY CHECK", and provide us with your order (item, quantity, size), as well as your shipping      address and telephone number. We will respond to you shortly thereafter with payment instructions. Note that this will significantly delay your      order turnaround time, and we encourage you to consider using PayPal's secure payment service as an alternative.

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